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This past Sunday was our annual meeting. We had a great time of fellowship. The music was phenomenal and the spirit was great. We had the distinct privilege of getting to listen to John Mark Clifton a new employee of the North American Mission Board.  John Mark was just called full time to the board on October 1. We were his first official meeting since his transition. John Mark has an impressive resume in the area of church starting and church revitalization.

He came to share with us about the need for all of our churches to be “spiritually healthy, vibrant, growing churches. One of the things that stood out to me was when he shared with us that our churches are not small churches but “normative churches”. . Churches with an attendance under 200 is the normal size church in America. We are the norm!

But here is the key, being the norm is not supposed to be an excuse for us to be or become a stagnant, plateaued church. It means that we must be about the task of making disciples and starting more normative churches.

What do you think about this? How can we be a normative church but not be the norm? How can we be more than what the normative church has become in America today?

Next blog we will address: How can we be an effective “Neighborhood Church?”


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