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Luke 10:2 Prayer

Recently our Association held our almost monthly prayer meeting.  At this meeting we were introduced to our new prayer coordinator, Michele.   She is a great new asset to our prayer life.  She has a heart for prayer and a spirit that is strong with the Lord.  Pray for her as she assumes this new role and as she challenges us to fall on our faces before the Lord.

At this meeting, we were challenged to begin praying the Luke 10:2 prayer strategy.  You remember this was where Jesus told us that the field where ripe unto harvest but that there were not enough laborers in the field.  This was said in spite of the fact that He had just sent out 84 pairs of laborers into the harvest.

The challenge for us is to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send out more workers.  We examined the fact that this is not a simple sending by God but an aggressive thrusting of motivated men and women into the harvest field and not just into any field but into specific communities.  Jesus sent laborers into the villages that we was about to visit.  I believe that God is about to visit our harvest fields and that we need to ask Him to send out laborers into these fields.

But what does this mean for us?  It means that we need to start praying daily that Christ “thrust out these laborers into the 12 counties that He is about to visit.  It means that we need to allow those laborers to go into the harvest.  This will mean that we will lose some of our helpers as they move from helping us to serving Him.  We need to not only we willing to let them go but we need to encourage them as they are going and maybe even encouraging them to step up and step out.

Since we started praying this request, I have seen a few strangers appear on the edge of the field.  They are peering into the harvest looking and deciding is this God’s calling?  Have you seen them looking in?  Have you heard the voice of God whispering to your people?

Are you willing to pray Luke 10:2 with me?  Are you willing to let his people go into the harvest?  What are you thinking right now?


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Well it happened

Well, it happened just like I knew it would.  I have gotten super busy and the blog has ground to a definite halt.  As I told you in the beginning, I am not a writer.   But at the same time I know that communication is the strongest tool we have to develop and maintain unity of the Body.

So I am back. Attempt number two is about to begin.  Pray for me as I renew my commitment to keep you informed and updated to God’s activity in Three Rivers Baptist Association.

Today, I want to address the issue of God’s power.  I recently discovered a new church assessment tool based upon the medical APGAR test that our children received immediately upon being delivered.  The medical staff in the delivery room wanted to make sure that our children were responding properly to their new environment so they used the APGAR test. (For more information about the medical APGAR test Google it.)

The Church APGAR test is built upon Acts 2 and Revelation 2.  The Acts 2 test evaluates 5 important aspects of a healthy church. One of those areas is the area of Power.  This test asks you to evaluate whether or not your church is experiencing on a regular basis the miraculous signs and wonders that God is known for.

So I ask you today,”Is your church filled with awe because of the many wonders and signs that God is doing in your midst?”  If not, why not?  What is missing?  What is wrong?  What needs to change?  What do you need to do in order for God’s power to be released in our church?

I have seen it at work in many places throughout TRBA.  I see His power at work as He consistently produces new believers at Erven Avenue.  I see His power at work in a survival mode church that is willing to give their church back to Christ.  I see His power in a pastor who is in crisis and turns to Christ rather than the ways of the world.  I see His power in the hearts of His people who are following Him even when others refuse.

Do you see His power at work?   In your life?    Where?

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