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Let me begin by asking that if you are reading this blog to please take the time to make a comment.  I am not looking for praise but rather a headcount.  I would like to know how effective  this tool is for communicating with you the members of TRBA.

Having said that let me ask you another one of those thought provoking questions?  “When did being a Christian become all about me?”  It has always been my understanding that being a Christian  has never been about me.  But in today’s church it has become all about me. (You do know that I am talking about the generic “me” not “me” specifically.)  It seems that in today’s church it is no longer about Christ but about “my wants” and “my desires”.  And in doing so we have lost something very significant — the Lordship of Christ.  Today we no longer  show the kind of reverence and fear of the Lord that is needed and required.  It is more about “our” preferences, “our” wants, and “our” comfort than about serving and worshipping a Holy God.

For example, “How many times have we heard people argue about worship music?”  The arguments rarely concern how the music glorifies God.  It is more about what kind of music “I” like.   Or what about church having to be comfortable and non-threatening or I won’t attend?  I have literally seen situations where people would rather have their church die rather than return to it being about Christ.  Remember, I attend a lot of different churches — not just TRBA churches but many churches from other places as well.  So maybe I have seen more of this than some of you may have noticed.

Is it only me that sees this or do you see it as well?  If so what are some of the things that you see? (Without being negative or derogatory to anyone in particular)  What steps can we take to return to it being about Christ and not about us?


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Well, it’s happen already – time has pushed out writing! I told my wife that I have not written a new blog entry for a couple of weeks and she asked me why. I told her I had not had time to sit down and develop an entry. This is where the lecture began. Blogging is not about developing a story but to write down the ramblings of my thoughts. Boy, would that be a trip with Alice through Wonderland J!

So I decided today that I would begin my ramblings in a more coherent pattern. So here goes! I wanted to ask you a telling question today.

“Why are we so afraid of prayer?”

Now, I know that many of us will say, “we are not afraid of prayer!’ But let me first ask you to take a moment and to really allow God to search your heart to see if this is really true or not. Last night as we meet in our Executive Board meeting, Phil M. asked us to allow the Holy Spirit to point out to us what it is that is preventing us from allowing the power of the Light to dispel the darkness. So I ask the question again, “Why are we so afraid of prayer?” It seems to me that many people may be afraid of prayer. Is it because we are afraid that God will not answer our prayers? Or is it because we are afraid that He will answer our prayers?

Sometimes I think that we may hesitate to pray as fervently as we can or as pointedly as we can because we might be afraid of what that means for us. For example, if I seriously pray that God reach our community it will mean that I will have to make major changes and adjustments to our lives and ministries. Henry Blackaby tells us that any time God speaks to us it creates a crisis of belief. I want to ask does it create a crisis of belief when we talk to God.

Give me your thoughts and some feedback. Remember I am just thinking out loud and have not reached any final decision on this issue.

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