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This past Sunday, I was privileged to see the Kingdom of God displayed. I was asked to preach at my home church, Island City Baptist Church in Wilmington. While I was there, Pastor Ron baptized a young girl named, Jasmine. This lovely young lady was the center of God’s Kingdom being displayed. It was because of her baptism that members of three of our churches had joined together that morning to celebrate with her and to worship the Lord together. Island City, First Baptist Manhattan and members of First Baptist Manteno were all together in one accord focusing on Jasmine’s celebration of her new birth in Christ.
For four years, I have been telling our churches that when one church baptizes a new believer all of us baptize a new believer. When one of us celebrates all of us celebrate. That is what the Kingdom of God is all about. Our being able to work together creating synergy for the Kingdom. Synergy is simply the sum of the whole is greater than sum of the individuals added together. In other words we can do more together than we can do alone.
TRBA is located in the midst of over one million lost people and because of that we need all of the synergy we can generate. Sunday was just one example of how three churches had cooperated together in influencing one family for the Kingdom of God. I eagerly await fresh new examples of this synergy was we continue in the journey together not for our kingdom but for His Kingdom.


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